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4 SharePoint Trends to Consider in 2012

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The start of a new year is a good time to evaluate the previous year and look at some of the successes and failures of business technology. It is also a great time to look forward and focus on some of the emerging trends of the new year. Chris McNulty at Fierce Content Management came up with a list of four emerging SharePoint trends that are definitely worth examining closely as we welcome the start of 2012.

 1.    Social Communications – Despite the implications of the name, social media is not all about socializing. Many businesses have become very successful using it as a marketing tool, while others have used it to increase collaboration and communication within their companies. SharePoint has gradually implemented social media tools that many businesses already use, but there are still plenty who are reluctant to give it a try. Expect the gradual adoption of social media to continue in 2012.

2.    Cloud Adoption – Perhaps the only thing with more hype in the business world than social media is the cloud. From the amount of press it receives, one might assume that companies are moving to the cloud in droves. The reality is a little less dramatic, but 2012 should see an increase in cloud adoption. Microsoft unveiled its new cloud offering, Office 365, in 2011, and many customers will not be able to resist its charm and affordability.

3.    Governance – Even if your SharePoint implementation takes advantage of social media, it is still not a free-for-all. Someone has to be in charge and keep track of all of it. The scope and shape of that management is called governance. As SharePoint adoption grows, companies will need more comprehensive governance plans.

4.    The Future of SharePoint – The next wave of SharePoint implementations will focus on consolidation of legacy ECM platforms and attempt to create a unified SharePoint application. Expect to see companies start to spend more on development of business intelligence and other business-centered aspects of SharePoint.

 While trends can develop quickly, it may take years for businesses to follow through with them. 2012 will be no different, but the businesses that take action first will definitely have an edge.

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