$617 Million Deal Will Bring Microsoft Windows 8 to Department of Defense

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Microsoft has entered into a deal with the Department of Defense that will bring Windows 8 to 75 percent of computers used by DoD employees. Out of the 450,000 employees of the DoD, that means 333,000 will soon be using Windows 8.

Insight Enterprises, a Microsoft partner, helped broker the deal that will put Windows 8 on computers in the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). In addition to Windows 8, DoD employees will also have access to Microsoft Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 Enterprise. Microsoft has referred to the deal as its “most comprehensive licensing agreement” ever arranged with the DoD.

“Microsoft has longstanding relationships with the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force and DISA, and we are honored to expand our support of ongoing technology modernization efforts across all three organizations,” said Tim Solms, general manager of Microsoft’s Department of Defense Business.

The $617 million deal includes significant savings on licensing costs and software assurance costs for the Department of Defense. Microsoft calls the deal a “transformative three-year Joint Enterprise Licensing Agreement” that includes enterprise licenses and software assurance.

SharePoint 2013 Enterprise will allow agencies to share and communicate with one another better through the use of search technology and social communication. Office 2013 will provide the latest versions of familiar software that DoD personnel use every day. Finally, Windows 8 will afford DoD employees with an unparalleled level of mobility as the operating system is supported on a variety of devices for true cross-platform compatibility.

“This agreement enables us to provide the best technology tools to an incredibly broad range of servicemen and servicewomen across the DoD, and we are looking forward to implementing to support their mission goals,” said Solms.


By Socius, a SharePoint Partner in Ohio, Kansas, and South Carolina

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