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RJB Technical Consulting

RJB Technical Consulting specializes in deploying solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint.  We help our clients get more value from their SharePoint.

RJB leads the way in delivering solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint Server that allow companies to conduct business and empower their teams to increase revenue and reduce the cost of doing business.

The RJB team of SharePoint experts brings the deep SharePoint skills you need to ensure success with SharePoint.  Our dedicated, in-house team of consultants, a strong focus on providing seamless system integration, an on-site SharePoint Design Center and a commitment to outstanding customer service will help ensure the success of your SharePoint solution.

RJB Technical Consulting brings a long-term strategic perspective and unparalleled service to every project. We listen extraordinarily well and help clients determine the best technology to help them achieve their e-business goals. Our professionals interface seamlessly with each client’s internal team and offer objective, timely solutions and on-going support. Our proven track record and solution approach to our projects will ensure the success of your project by delivering on time and on budget.

We believe in supporting the SharePoint community.  RJB has hosted the Philadelphia Area SharePoint User Group for over five years.

If you are looking for the best Microsoft SharePoint partner for planning, design, development, implementation, customization, training or support, contact RJB Technical Consulting, Inc.

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