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Award Winning Edgy YouTube Videos Show the Power of SharePoint In a Fun Way

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I read today that BtoB magazine gave a Social Media Marketing Award to Microsoft for use of YouTube videos.  The BtoB award description says, “Edgy and sometimes outrageous collection of short videos that collectively promote Microsoft Office and SharePoint. The videos document the bizarre developments at Allure Bays Corp, a fictitious high tech company. The videos use wit, irony, and self-deprecating humor to poke fun at the workplace. Subtle demonstrations of Office and SharePoint are sprinkled throughout.”

In a cool use of technology they use a video feature called Hotspots to connect videos together. For example you see a small square appear around a seemingly meaningless prop in the video (such as a coffee mug) that you can click on and watch another related video.  So to satisfy your curiosity about all the little hovering boxes you end up watching quite a few clips!

For example: in this video called
Executive Wizardry


the scenario is that account managers need to source info from around the company for an upcoming sales presentation. Can senior management help them get the job done? They explain their dilemma to “the wizard” and lament that there must be a better way!  But in true Wizard of Oz style, the true magic is going on behind the curtain mysteriously labeled as “IT”.  When you click on the grey box on “What is IT?” you are taken to a different video exposing Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.

Behind the Curtain

Really a fun way to show people the business value of Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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