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Online B2B marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and we have abundant tools and resources available at our disposal. Most of these resources – like the online ads – come at a high price and require careful and continuous investment over a period of time. But when it comes to ROI very few businesses realize the true potential of social media networking – blogging in particular.

According to studies some of the benefits that blogging offers to B2B firms are:
• Blogs ping search engines automatically and rank well because they are contain fresh, unique content
• Blogging is an indirect method of soft-selling your expertise
• Linking keywords in your posts brings traffic and potential leads to your main web site
• Opportunity to exercise thought leadership

According to a recent study from HubSpot, companies that maintain active blogs get more traffic coming into their website

Apart from the benefits of blogging mentioned above, being part of a group blog (such as this one) provides even more benefits:
• Group blogs combine resources of firms to create active blogs that build trust, get attention, attract traffic and back links, and generate leads for blog members
• Group blogs cost less, drive more traffic and build more trust than a blog you manage on your own
• Get access to leads generated from group funded white papers and pricing wizards
• Generates more comments, feed readers, and back links than a single company sponsored blog
• Our blogs attract funding and ideas from Microsoft management.
• Our blogs are syndicated on Microsoft sites like because our blogs always meet their standards for posts per week.
• Our new blogs load pages faster than 99% of other blogs because we optimized them for speed – faster loading pages are proven to keep visitors on the site longer.

Being a member of an Interactive Limited blog also give you free access to the following:
• Free automatic up-time tracking, site speed performance and domain expiration tracking for your company website linked from the blog
• Group discounts for visitor tracking on your own website – with Jigsaw integration and cold calling option
• Advanced Training – we offer monthly group training that teaches you skills you can use to build your web presence on other sites like (an online B2B networking platform)

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