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Big Australian Supermarket Chain to Capitalize on SharePoint

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A major Australian supermarket chain, Coles, plans to unleash SharePoint on a team of 100,000 starting next year. They plan to do so in order to improve their security as well as make the interface more friendly for their workforce.

Currently, Coles uses a variety of in-house platforms in order to share information internally. While SharePoint won’t be directly replacing a product, it will be used to present all the information in a more consistent and user-friendly manner.

The general manager of Coles told ZDNet that they are trying to make it simpler for their teams to network with one another as well as make it simpler to get things done without being distracted by the interface itself. The hodgepodge collection of portals and interfaces that they are currently using is not as secure as it would ideally be, and it makes it difficult to embark on collaborative projects.

The new interface will make it possible for their staff to find information on paychecks, calendars, rosters, training, offers, and blogs from any device that is connected with the web.

They system is expected to go live before the end of the year, and it will then be expanded to include more stores as they iron out any kinks in the setup.

Coles explained that they had reviewed several options before deciding that SharePoint Online, powered by Office 365, would be the best option. This is because it uses interfaces that most people are already familiar with, makes cloud-based solutions easy to incorporate, and is flexible enough to incorporate just about any goals they might set for themselves.

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