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Bristol-Myers Squibb Will Speak at 2012 SharePoint Conference for Life Science Industry

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Pharmica Consulting is considered by most to be the leader in SharePoint for the life science industry. It’s seventh SharePoint Conference will be held on October 4, 2012, in San Diego. The day-long conference has become famous for drawing attention to new and interesting ways to capitalize on SharePoint in and out of life science.

Parmica plans to offer a wide range of case studies that businesses and organizations will be able to learn from. The modern drug discovery process now relies heavily on content management software, with SharePoint being at the forefront.

Recently, Pharmica announced that pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb will be presenting during the conference. They will be talking about ways that the biotech industry can use SharePoint in order to streamline and make full use of clinical trials.

Eric Lake, a Partner with Pharmica Consulting, pointed out how important it is to use “SharePoint properly,” because it “offers tools that help…keep up with pace when it comes to global projects. BMS will [discuss] how critical it is to pay attention to people and their behaviors during projects.”

The combination of SharePoint with social technologies gives biotech companies an edge, especially during a “trend toward increased outsourcing,” according to Greg Cohee, Director of eClinical Services at Pharmica. BMS has had hands on experience with this process and should be able to offer unique insights on how the process looks and how it might be improved upon.

The fact that SharePoint is being used as a way to manage clinical trials draws attention to the incredible flexibility of the platform, and how nearly all business processes can be thought of as “relationships.”

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