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Business Intelligence in SharePoint 2010 Creates Real Opportunity for this Retail Organization

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Retail chains, no matter how big or how small, need insight into their sales numbers. Some have just a few stores and maybe an ecommerce site while others have over 200 stores, which was the case for one of our clients; this retail organization manages over 200 stores internationally and needed their sales numbers broken out across these locations. Their corporate headquarters did not have the proper insight in order to effectively manage their stores.

By using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and a third party solution, we were able connect the dots and create a seamless integration between their point of sale (POS) solution and Microsoft SharePoint. SQL Server Integration Services has a scheduled job that picks up the information from their POS and delivers it to the SharePoint site. Then, we set up the Business Connectivity Services (BCS) to pull in additional information that managers can drill into to retrieve details. For example, they can view geographical breakdown of sales numbers as well as sales numbers for each store. Every night, this data is pulled into SharePoint so management at the corporate headquarters can see the information they need, helping them achieve the following:

  • Access a broad view of what’s going on in each store location through easy-to-read dashboards and drill down capabilities.
  • Spot seasonal sales trends so they can base their ordering and marketing plans around those trends, allowing for accurate forecasting and more opportunity for growth.
  • Compare their retail sales to their ecommerce sales and see where they should invest their budget to create more sales opportunities.

If you struggle with the lack of insight into your retail stores, contact us here at RJB Technical Consulting to find out how SharePoint 2010 can create real opportunity.

By Brian D. Russo of RJB Technical Consulting, Pennsylvania Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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  1. Tom Phillips says:

    We have SharePoint 2007 and will go to 2010 soon. We would like to be able to do orders from SharePoint and have it connect to a point of sale via a third party software, or some such thing. Can you provide me with names and products to contact? I need this info urgently.
    Thanks, Tom Phillips, Daystar Televison Network.


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