Can SharePoint Online Really Support an Enterprise Organization?

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Yes!  Now, more than ever, SharePoint Online can scale to fit the needs of just about any organization, large or small.

When SharePoint Online (SPO) was initially released, it would only support up to 20,000 Active Directory entries (more specifically, user objects), meaning that enterprise organizations with over 20,000 employees could not roll out a single instance of SharePoint Online.  That is no longer the case, though!

SPO is currently rolling out its second update which, among other enhancements, allows customers to provision up to 500,000 Active Directory user objects.  Not only has this update broadened the scope of SPO’s current capabilities, but it lays the foundation for even larger scale limits in the future.

In order to help enterprise organizations take full advantage of SharePoint Online, Microsoft has created an interactive planning guide that will step you through:

  • Managing SharePoint Online by using the Administration Center
  • Planning sites and managing users
  • Planning content on sites
  • Planning customizations and solutions
  • Creating and customizing customer-facing websites
  • Training and supporting users
  • Monitoring and maintaining site collections and sites

Access the SharePoint Online planning guide for Office 365 for Enterprises to get started developing your strategy for implementing SPO into your organization.

By Socius, a SharePoint Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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