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Companies Adopt “Best-of-Breed” Approach to Diversify Collaboration

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 There is a common expression: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. In principle it is the logical course of action for any activity, but in practice it is easier said than done. For any type of enterprise software, there has always been the danger of vendor lock-in. Today, however, some companies are adopting an approach called best-of-breed that taps into multiple enterprise software sources to create the ideal solutions they need. This is especially true of collaboration software suites.


More than ever before, software vendors are moving toward more open standards and more malleable software that customers can more effectively shape into their own usable forms. Nationwide Insurance demonstrated its own best-of-breed approach at the SharePoint Conference in November. The company uses IBM’s Lotus Notes for its email while using Microsoft’s SharePoint for collaboration.


Rather than keeping its development ecosystem open to common web standards, a company can leverage the power of the software of their choice from any qualified vendor while still keeping them integrated. For example, SharePoint 2013 is based on common web standards, such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This makes it easier to adapt SharePoint to run in a variety of environments and alongside other software and data sources, even if they come from other vendors.


This cross-vendor integration can extend even into the cloud, as companies adopt hybrid policies with both on-premise and cloud applications working hand-in-hand. In doing so, businesses can save money by maximizing the benefit of each product and tailoring it to their unique needs, and they can protect their investments by relying on open standards and avoiding vendor lock-in.


Source: Best-of-breed approach gains traction in collaboration

By Jesse Davis, Sterling International Consulting Group


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