Do We REALLY Need Document Management?

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Surprisingly, this is a question many of us never think to ask. For most organizations, small and large the signs and symptoms of needing a better way to manage content are far too implicit and isolated to notice. Below are some examples you may want to consider and revisit.

How efficiently can you and your staff locate and retrieve business critical content or documents? In Microsoft SharePoint, retrieving content from SharePoint Libraries is logical and simple. Not to mention, it can also correct a lot of “human error” around storing content that will only slow productivity over time. Even the simplest deployments of SharePoint can help replace the following bad habits regarding file STORING and RETRIEVING:

  • Saving important content on your local drive in static folder environments. No one else has access to it, and you wonder if you saved or located the most recent version.
  • Or if you do have a shared drive, you might still have difficulty retrieving content if someone changes the title or location of the file you’re trying to find. You are also limited to ways you can SEARCH for content.

Instead, deploy a SharePoint solution that will give you a “Single version of the truth” regarding every piece of electronic content you need to store, audit trails of who did what, when, where, and naming conventions that can allow for consistency in how your staff titles certain content.

SharePoint also makes assigning file PERMISSIONS easy, and on the fly. In addition to enabling you to add METADATA and other unique properties to files as they are being stored for easier retrieval, you can also add custom permissions and other security attributes to content upon storing them. For example, you can select whether or not a file can be viewed, opened, or edited by a certain individual user, user role, team, department, or organization.

In conclusion, you may not realize how much a true Document Management system can help your organization until you carefully reexamine how you’re managing content today. The results may be staggering, but the good news is SBS Group, a Microsoft SharePoint Partner & Master VAR,  has a solution that is quite simple to deploy. You will also find many additional value-adds which SharePoint brings to the table around COLLABORATION, WORKFLOW and COMMUNICATION. Efficiencies around content/ document management is just one of these value-adds.

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By: SBS Group – A Boston (MA) Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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