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Integrating social media elements into Microsoft SharePoint has been a natural progression. It is therefore no surprise that multiple vendors are now offering social-enabling tools for SharePoint. Real Story Group, an independent analyst firm, has released version 5.0 of its  Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Report, which evaluates 25 vendors, including Microsoft SharePoint, citing many of the vendors that offer social-enabled add-ons for SharePoint.


Microsoft got the ball rolling with its acquisition of Yammer, a private social network for enterprises, and that momentum continues with the release of new social media tools from several third party vendors, including Sitrion, Neudesic Pulse,, Tibco Tibbr and VMware.


The RSG report features detailed evaluations, market analyses, head-to-head comparative charts and real-life screenshots. It also features a new category this year called “Social Enterprise Layers and SharePoint Supplements”.


While SharePoint always shines brightly with its main focus: document collaboration, it has traditionally lacked some features necessary for person-to-person collaboration, something that is now highly desired and needed thanks to the advent of social media. As Microsoft continues to expand SharePoint’s social media reach, the supplements these third-party vendors provide will propel SharePoint onto a new level social media excellence all its own.


“Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software “ is a 494-page report, available for download after a single purchase or with regular annual subscriptions from RSG’s website at:




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