Dynamics 365 Marketing Provides Personalized Event Planning

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Today, it’s not enough for a company to provide merely a great product. Today’s consumers want a great experience. In fact, one study found that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. The emergence of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) have enabled thousands of organizations to provide this personalized, elevated buying experience, but more and more are expanding its reach. They’re now using these tools for event planning. Event data is incredibly valuable. The patterns, trends, and expectations this data reveals helps you to plan something that is truly unforgettable.  

However, using event data is just the first step to creating a more successful event—you have to have the right platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing provides you with that invaluable insight that helps you to create an organized, focused event that not only meets attendees’ expectations, but exceed them. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how we at JourneyTEAM utilized the features and capabilities within Dynamics 365 Marketing to plan our 2020 Business Technology Summit—our biggest event of the year. 

What is Dynamics 365 Marketing? 

A solution available within the Dynamics 365 portfolio, Marketing “orchestrate[s] personalized journeys across all touchpoints to strengthen relationships and earn loyalty”. It features tools such as lead scoring and tracking, multi-channel campaigns, data visualization, event management, webinars, and more.  

These tools enable you to create a highly personalized customer journey that precisely targets their needs and expectations. You’ll know what type of messages and activities customers want to see and when that increases the chance of their attending the event. With a more personalized, targeted, and engaged interaction, leads move more quickly down the sales pipeline and sign up for your event. 

Because the solution is part of the Dynamics 365 portfolio, you’ll have instant access to tools like Teams, Power BI, and Office 365, each of which can streamline business processes, cut costs, and enjoy effortless event planning. 

Creating BTS with the Help of Dynamics 365 Marketing 

Our annual Business Technology Summit (BTS) is easily our biggest event. Here, we bring industry experts and pros together to host a series of Our annual Business Technology Summit (BTS) is easily our biggest event. Here, we bring industry experts and pros together to host a series of workshops about new Microsoft solutions, emerging trends, and the latest software releases.    

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 BTS was held virtually, but we still had more than 600 participants who were part of an informative, engaging event. We attribute the success of the event to the insights provided by Dynamics 365 Marketing. Here’s how we utilized some of the solution’s features to plan and coordinate the event. 


To ensure we were spending our time focused on individuals who were more likely to attend our event, we used ClickDimensions. The tool features a number of marketing tools such as email marketing, web intelligence, surveys, web forms, social marketing, and campaign automation. All the data we received from ClickDimensions was carefully implemented into the customer journey and marketing strategy.  

For example, the tool was able to show us what time of day our customers were opening our emails. Most read it first thing Monday morning or mid-morning on Tuesdays. Few opened them later in the week. Knowing this, we sent emails early in the week to ensure they ended up in our customers inbox at the right time.  

Web Forms 

Marketing has two options for online forms:  

  1. You can create them in Marketing and embed it into a web page. 
  1. You can use form capture to place a script on a page which is then read by form capture within Dynamics 365 Marketing. 

While both are good options, we opted to take a different approach to test tWhile both are good options, we opted to take a different approach to test the tool’s functionality. We used Power Automate to create our sign-up form for the event. The solution would then create an event record for every attendee after they submitted their completed form. The event record was shared with Wix where we (JourneyTEAM) could customize the data. 

We also relied on the integration with Wix for payment processing. Wix features a robust payment processing platform that we wanted to utilize in lieu of creating our own within Marketing. However, because Marketing features third-party integration, we could still track and analyze payment information. 

Event Management 

To ensure BTS ran smoothly, we used a number of event management tools to organize session start/end times, attendance, streaming information, details for each breakout, etc. An event record was created for each session, and it’s these records that helped us effectively manage the event.  

At the conclusion of the event, we inputted all the data from each event record into Marketing which showed where things went well and where we could improve for next year’s event. 

The Challenges and Benefits to Dynamics 365 Marketing 

No event comes without its difficulties and BTS was no exception. Despite the flexibility, agility, and customization of Marketing, we still experienced some challenges, including: 

  • Integration: Because this was our first time integrating Marketing with Wix, we experienced some difficulty. However, we were successful in the end. 
  • Contact-level targeting only: This is a major limitation of the solution. Users cannot market directly to leads unless they’re listed as a contact record within Marketing.  
  • Not enough time: Unfortunately, we didn’t have all the time we wanted to truly test the integrations of Marketing with our Wix platform. However, we were able to streamline many processes to ensure both hosts and attendees had what they needed prior to the event. 

Despite these challenges, we experienced a number of benefits that contributed to the success of our event. Some include: 

  • Scalability: Despite COVID-19 preventing us from meeting in person, we had a large number of attendees that we hope to increase in the coming years. The scalability of Dynamics 365 Marketing ensures that it can handle both large and small workloads. 
  • Faster decision-making: With all event and attendee data gathered in a central location, we avoided jumping between tools and platforms to find information, enabling us to make decisions more quickly. 
  • Insights: The patterns, trends, and behaviors we found in the event data showed us how well we engaged with clients, how our actions were reciprocated, and where we needed to make adjustments. We’re excited to use these insights to create an even more personalized event in the future. 

Ultimately, all the time-consuming and repetitive tasks that accompany event planning were automated thanks to Dynamics 365 Marketing. With more time on our hands, we were able to focus on using the insights provided by the solution to create not only a successful event, but a truly unique customer experience. 

Contact JourneyTEAM to Get Started with the Dynamics 365 Portfolio 

Whether you’re interested in using the insights and automation within Marketing or another top-performing Microsoft solution, JourneyTEAM can help. We provide you with end-to-end solutions that help you get more done. Together, we’ll implement Microsoft solutions that are customized to meet the needs of your unique business. Contact a JourneyTEAM representative today to get started. 


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