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Facebook for the Enterprise; Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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With social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter working up a storm in the virtual social world, it IS integral for enterprises or organizations to up their game by accommodating their networking tools to encompass such demands. The idea of an up and coming enterprise to not use such social networking tools to get a leg up on potential competition is now practically unheard of.

 Facebook battling it out with numerous and persistent security issues makes one question the integrity of Web 2.0 Social Networking. It must also be noted that Facebook, originally created by Harvard College students, was meant as a network to facilitate “Campus culture”. Since it is intended to accommodate the mindset of student life it makes it an unsuitable means of correspondence for mature companies that consider the privacy of families and businesses a top priority.

Since SharePoint Online is already recognized as an up and coming subscription service for schools and businesses, it is used by many as an alternative to Facebook, whose privacy concerns managed to blow away any potential that it might have had. Taking its cue from SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010’s user profile page has been upgraded in the form of a great design and also includes features that are similar to the ones that you use on your Facebook page. 

Your social content is also made visible as a snapshot on this page. Its enhanced MySites feature also includes a MyProfile page which displays a note board very much like the “Wall” on a Facebook page as well.  Other similarities include a small colleague web parts that shows your affinity with other users. Like a Facebook profile page, it also gives you the option of posting a picture for your profile page and your presence info by linking itself to the Office Communicator. Not throwing your personal info out to the virtual world for all and sundry to peruse, makes SharePoint 2010 a better and more secur networking tool than Facebook.

Companies are using SharePoint 2010’s enhanced MySites feature in order to “make a connection” between employers and to utilize their contributions via user generated content and blog posts. Its MyProfile page also has a convenient “Ask me about” section in which each user can advertise his or her areas of expertise about which other users can inquire. The organization chart has also been upgraded in SharePoint 2010 which uses Silverlight to display those pictures that can be accessed as well as people’s job descriptions and titles.

The addition of a central picture library in SharePoint 2010 also gives you a better way to manage your user profile pictures by using a central storeroom, of sorts, that can be thrust out to AD for use in other applications. As a simple alternative to using a third party Windows utility to embed pictures in AD, this feature provides a convenient shortcut to automatically resize the image to fit the various specs in your SharePoint 2010 profile page. Like a Facebook news feed, SharePoint 2010 also accommodates any content that you track or publish into a dynamic listing which can be easily customized to your needs.

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    i want to add a ‘LIKE’ button the way we have on facebook in the blog i have created in sharepoint 2010.Kindly guide me through this.Thanks in advance.


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