Go Mobile, But Stay Connected with SharePoint

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Partnering is a common practice in the consulting, engineering and construction world, and working with multiple partners on projects is now the norm.  With the added complexities of working through partner networks in remote locations and often in different time zones it is  more important than ever to invest in systems and tools that facilitate project collaboration.

The primary benefits of better team collaboration include the ability to enhance client and partner relationships and leverage collective intelligence, resulting in:

  • Improved customer relationships through multichannel access
  • Enhanced service delivery
  • Strengthened operational effectiveness with virtual sharing of information in real time or with shared workspaces
  • A workplace culture of innovation and sharing to speed decision making

In the past, many project teams have relied on e-mail as their primary form of communication and method for organizing deliverables – a practice that often results in exponential growth in data storage, multiple copies of documents and correspondence and lost time looking for the most up-to-date document.

An integrated project delivery system, like Microsoft SharePoint, (Learn more here) provides a framework for managing project resources to maximize profitable billing hours and limits downtime.  Project teams use instant messaging (like Microsoft Lync) and mobile applications to gain immediate feedback with less disruption of colleagues while further improving efficiency and minimizing administrative time.

The addition of project portals provides a common view into construction projects and connects the client, partners, and contractors, facilitating integrated project delivery by connecting the project team regardless of physical location, enabling easy collaboration and empowering workers to better manage their projects.

The business value of collaboration is apparent. Communication is a key component of successful project management, so ensuring that your systems are up to the task is a must. The need to integrate more tightly with one or more partners on a project creates complexities that many ERP/accounting systems find difficult to accommodate.  It is important to evaluate your current collaboration and IT solutions to make sure you are able to get the right information to the right people when they need it.

People, when they have the ability to bring out their unique role-based knowledge and skills, can find new ways to work together. Collaboration best practices, requirements and technologies will constantly evolve as people’s needs, behaviors and motivations change. 

Interested in learning more? Contact Microsoft SharePoint Partner, SBS Group, or call 888.725.2555 to discuss your collaboration and mobile needs. 

By: SBS Group – Massachusetts Microsoft SharePoint Partner & Dynamics ERP Gold Partner

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