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How Does SharePoint 2010 Stack Up in the Cloud?

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The benefits of cloud computing really can help companies save money and free up IT staff so they can work on more important issues.  The question is whether the solution you need works in the cloud.

Microsoft SharePoint is a solution that does so much, including collaboration, document management, application development, the creation of corporate intranets. So needless to say, there’s a lot  that goes into making SharePoint cloud capable as well as secure… but SharePoint 2010 has made it so…

According to this article, “To date, deploying SharePoint in the cloud, either as a standalone or as part of Microsoft’s BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite), has not provided the level of security, compliance, privacy and app compatibility that comes with on-premise deployments, writes Forrester analyst Rob Koplowitz in a new report titled “SharePoint 2010: A More Viable Cloud Option.”” He continues, “SharePoint 2010 closes the gap in functionality between the deployment options and opens up SharePoint Online to a wider range of applications.”

Microsoft has made vast improvements to SharePoint 2010. The key to making a complex solution such as SharePoint stack up in the cloud is being able to provide choice and security for users. Microsoft has done that in a few ways:

  • SharePoint Online Dedicated: This is a hosted version of SharePoint, meaning it is accessible to you only through dedicated hardware and software. For SharePoint Online Dedicated, users can rest assured their data is secure because of a thorough review process. This review process will make code customization far more straightforward and accessible. Keep in mind, customizations that fall within the new “sandbox” definition will not require review at all.
  • SharePoint Online Standard: This edition will better align with the new server offering of SharePoint 2010. Users will  benefit from new capabilities including: My Sites, tagging, tag clouds, activity feeds, Office Web Apps, business intelligence, records management, forms, and more.

These capabilities make SharePoint viable in the cloud and help users benefit from the cloud computing model. Our staff here at RJB Technical Consulting specializes in deploying solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint and is dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of their SharePoint solution, whether it is in the cloud or on-premises. Please contact us for more information about SharePoint 2010.

By Russell J. Basiura Jr. of RJB Technical Consulting, Pennsylvania Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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