How Nursing Homes Can Improve their Care Facilities With Microsoft SharePoint

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Nursing homes and long term care facilities are always looking for new ways to adapt to the changing shape of healthcare in the US. Not long ago, retirees moved into nursing homes to live for months or years. Now these people are more likely to move into an assisted living center, which is more cost-effective, but less equipped for medical needs.

Nursing homes, meanwhile, have become a place for patients to live if they are in need of medical care but aren’t in a condition serious enough to warrant a stay in the hospital.

But making coordinated health decisions requires access to data, and this is difficult for many. One organization that was recently highlighted by Microsoft gathered this data using quarterly scorecards. This allowed them to make proactive health decisions, rather than waiting for something to happen, but it was less efficient and more prone to error than they would have liked.

Then this healthcare organization teamed up with Microsoft to work with SharePoint and various other services. Data that was once confined to Excel spreadsheets is now easily accessible to everybody that needs access to the information. Several automated nightly and monthly processes make sure that the physicians are in the loop and know which moves to make next. The information is being run through analytics to make it even easier to digest.

Using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, they have been able to quickly collect this information and summarize it into three dashboards: historical, immediate, and projections. This gives them a look at the past, present, and future of their operation in order to eliminate data overload. They have managed to cut out 80% of their search time and make more proactive decisions as a result.

Does your nursing home or long term care facility need similar results?  Call SBS Group New England to discuss Microsoft Sharepoint.

By SBS Group New England – Massachusetts SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM Partner and Microsoft Master VAR


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