How the Office Store Will Revolutionize SharePoint

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In early August, Microsoft announced that the Office Store was open for business. The new store will act as an app marketplace for the 2013 versions of Office and SharePoint. The store is currently open in “preview mode” so that developers and companies can familiarize themselves with the new store in preparation for the full launch of Office 2013.

Microsoft has adopted the “app” model, popularized by the iPhone and the smartphones that followed, as a way to boost the power of the next versions of Office and SharePoint.

What use will apps have for SharePoint? Smartphones have, for the most part, given us apps that serve as entertaining time-wasters. But the apps designed for SharePoint and Office will give us access to information that is typically harder to find.

Product Manager Vivek Narasimhan gave examples of how the new marketplace could be used. “If you are sent a part number or an address via email, you shouldn’t have to open another application to get more details. If you are sent an email from a contact, you should be able to see their LinkedIn details or their sales history right as you read the email. Even better, you should be able to interact with and take action on these other applications right from within the Office clients.”

In other words, the intention of the new marketplace is to transform SharePoint and Office into interfaces that allow you to complete everything you need from just one place. It will transform static documents into dynamic data that can be easily manipulated, analyzed, shared, and plugged into other databases and programs. Documents viewed through the new interface will also be able to pull in data from other sources, dramatically changing the way that we do business.

How else might this change impact your business? How will you use the new app marketplace to boost efficiency and effectiveness?

By: SBS Group New England – Massachusetts SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM and Microsoft Master VAR


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