How Would You Use SharePoint?

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Microsoft recently launched their “That’s Why I Use SharePoint” site with great resources to promote SharePoint user adoption.  It got me thinking about the many ways that our clients use SharePoint.  Even our clients who leverage SharePoint for the same initial purpose, their company intranets, use it in different ways and reap different benefits.  Take these three for example:

Cincinnati Bell Technology Services places a very high level of importance on fostering team spirit among their employees.  They look to SharePoint to support that priority.  We helped them to create a custom theme and web-parts for their SharePoint intranet site so that it would be consistent both visually and functionally with the corporate branding and external facing website.  Read the whole story…

Nachurs Alpine Solutions had a large number of Microsoft Office templates that lacked any organization, which led to duplicate efforts, versioning errors, documents going out without approval, and other errors.  We worked with them to create a standardized Office template library leveraging SharePoint’s document management capabilities.  We also developed custom workflows to ensure that the document approval process was streamlined and effective.  Read the whole story…

Sarnova uses their SharePoint intranet site to share personalized business intelligence data with the individuals across their organization to which it is most relevant. We helped them to create dashboards so that each salesperson has a personalized snapshot of the sales, invoices, credits, and backorders that are their responsibility.  We also helped them to set-up InfoPath forms with workflows to route the set-up tasks for new employees through the appropriate teams.  Additionally, we created financial and operational dashboards that give all users an up-to-date and accurate picture of the health of the organization as it pertains to their individual roles.  Read the whole story…

Those are just a few examples of how real businesses are using SharePoint intranet sites to streamline their processes, improve business decision making, and further corporate priorities.

How can your business benefit from SharePoint?

Get some ideas of the many ways your organization can leverage SharePoint by reviewing its various capabilities in the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Evaluation Guide.

By Socius, a SharePoint partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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