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Is Microsoft Dynamics ERP better together with Microsoft Sharepoint?

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The ERP Software Blog has published a great white paper outlining 25 success stories from real companies outsmarting their competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  But what about Sharepoint? What if these same companies used Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Microsoft SharPoint?

Here are a few ideas on how we could tell a “better together” story to make these results even more powerful.

First download the white paper, “25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERPat

Then look at these specific points:

Brilliant Idea #8 – Restaurant chain uses business intelligence to compare the profitability of each restaurant location – daily.

They could share the data out to the regional managers and even the individual restaurant managers through SharePoint so more people who are in front of the customers are seeing the data and able to affect real change

Brilliant Idea #20 – Placement agency manages contract workers with remote time entry and thorough documentation to fulfill government contracts.

They could use a portal like SharePoint to manage every piece of documentation with the free-lancers and even launch their time & expense portal through SharePoint.

Brilliant Idea #21 – Entertainment company consolidates data to shorten the monthly close cycle and monitor payroll costs, product margins and store profitability.

With SharePoint, they could share those KPIs and dashboards with whole organization, not just those who have GP user licenses

Do you see any other ways that the companies featured in this white paper could get even more value using Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Microsoft Sharepoint? Let me know.

Thanks to my friends at for their input on these ideas.

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions,

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One question

  1. Michael says:

    Great Article, just about to repost it!

    We focus on solutions for Project centric organisations, and Professional Services Organisations. These organisations typically have a need for document management and can use SharePoint.

    Once I show them that Microsoft Dynamics AX and SL has project and timesheet functionality in SharePoint, a platform they already use successfully, their interest peaks. They like the fact that they do not have to roll out “another” platform or technology and they can leverage what they already have.

    If they are not using SharePoint and see they also get Document Management functionality with the Dynamics solutions this adds more value.

    I have a video and more on the Dynamics AX & SL SharePoint solution here


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