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Is Microsoft SharePoint 2010 the Right Choice For You?

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 Web Content Management (WCM) systems are now used not only to publish content, but also in developing specific business goals like customer loyalty and sales conversion rates. This flexibility allows businesses to channel their content to many other organizations. There is a wide range of networking software available in the market . Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is not the only web software out there, but is it the best fit for your business?

It’s best to be aware of market values when choosing web content software.  Keep yourself updated about the usability and flexibility of each product. The applications in such software are numerous and include e-commerce integration, mobile applications, SEO, and site marketing, to name just a few. Following are some of the other web content software which also provide top quality results.


 Sitecore software helps users to keep their websites updated as well as full featured. According to some users this web management software is highly componentized and extensible and serves as a platform with highly extensible deployment time. Its highly structured content management and the ease with which it can be integrated with other internal software (especially Microsoft-based) makes this a truly legitimate product.

The official website of this WCM system waxes eloquent in the same vein.  According to the site, Sitecore enables the user to develop full-featured websites with its flexibility, scalability, and ability to incorporate itself with client specific systems and organizations. The customer websites also enable visitors to take action regarding their business needs.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

 Microsoft believes that its Web content management server provides the best in both extranet and intranet facilities when it comes to managing websites online. The official website also claims that with this software, people can easily share information, manage documents, as well as publish reports to develop the business acumen of others.

According to some users, this application is extremely user friendly, making it most suitable for individuals who are new to WCM. It operates much like a document collaboration system and requires web publishing teams to do certain things. SharePoint also handles website and content management simultaneously which is particularly convenient for intranet services.

Adobe Contribute CS5

 If you prefer content development with content management then Adobe Contribute CS5 Software is the tool for you. This software is a web publishing and website managing tool which enables users to author, review, and publish in a user-friendly WYSIWG HTML editor.  With this application you can simultaneously increase web publishing productivity while simplifying approval and oversight tasks.

This software provides users with all the tools they need to fulfill their editing or content development requirements. Whether it’s rich media support or in-browser editing, this application will ensure that you don’t lack anything when it comes to online content development and editing.

However, studies have shown that SharePoint 2010 is the best software out there when it comes to managing intranet and extranet files. Any enterprise which decides to implement this software will  have only good things to say about it.

by RJB, SharePoint Specialists, Pennsylvania SharePoint Partner

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