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By now, you’ve probably heard numerous executives and IT professionals discuss how ERP software has benefitted their business. Faster processes, a centralized database, in-depth analytics—the list is extensive. However, despite the long list of benefits, ERP implementation is not something that should be done on a whim. 

Every executive, business leader, or IT team looking to utilize this software must determine why it’s necessary. How will it benefit your business specifically? Will it help you reach business goals? Is it worth the potential risk to business processes, technology, and information? Understanding the ‘why’ behind implementation, migration, or upgrade ensures you balance both risk and cost. 

If you’re looking to upgrade, migrate, or implement an ERP system, JourneyTEAM has created a list of top tips for successful ERP implementation as well as how our seamless process supports this transition. Additionally, you’ll see how JourneyTEAM’s Business Central Sherpa program mitigates costs and reduces the risks of ERP deployments. 

Climbing the Summit of ERP Implementation 

At JourneyTEAM, we’ve done multiple ERP implementation projects with 90% of these projects being in warehouse and supply chain management and finance. We know what it takes to successfully help companies navigate to the summit of these complex projects. Our top tips for ERP implementation include: 

Find the Right Advisor 

As an avid mountain climber, I’ve come to realize the benefit of having the right guide while climbing. I recently took my daughter to Red Rock, Nevada where we successfully climbed the Cat in the Hat route. It’s a fairly traditional climb except for the final leg. We ascended to 1,500 ft and had to carefully follow a narrow crack to reach the top of the pinnacle. Without the expertise and reassurance from our guide (and my more adventurous daughter), I would have never made it to the top. 

This same process is true of ERP projects. These projects are mountain-sized with numerous preparations needed before the climb can even begin. The complexity and size of these projects alone warrant the need for expert help. Just as I would never hire a guide who has merely Googled the route, you should never attempt a project this sized on your own or rely on YouTube videos or Google. 

What’s the Flag Plant? 

At JourneyTEAM, we have a concept called the ‘Flag Plant’. Essentially, it’s what the flag you plant on the top of a summit looks like. It’s something to help keep you motivated and on track during your climb. Prior to beginning an ERP implementation, you must determine why you’re doing it. What’s your final goal? How will it benefit your specific company and business goals? Does the end goal overshadow the potential risks and costs? 

An example of a flag plant comes from one of our own clients, which we’ll call Company X. Recently, Company X experienced rapid growth that took their company international. Their existing ERP system could not handle the excessive growth so the company began to search for a more scalable solution. A well-defined goal and clear communication got Company X employees and executives on board with the change more quickly and contributed to the overall success of the project. 

Technology Comes Second 

A chaotic, disorganized system will see little benefit from ERP software. It’s crucial to ensure your current network is accurate, updated, and error-free or you risk transferring the same chaos to your new system. Once you’ve cleaned up your existing system, you can then select software that both supports and automates business flows without adding too much complexity. 

It’s All About the Team 

ERP deployments are monumental tasks which is why it’s so important to have the right people on your team. Look for individuals who are strategic and detailed-oriented. These people typically have a deep understanding of current business processes and goals and how they fit together. Additionally, these individuals are usually very curious and constantly look to push the status quo. With an ERP project, these individuals will know how to fit in the smaller pieces with specific business goals and ensure the project remains on track. 


Traditional, turnkey, and phased approaches are just three of dozens of approaches to ERP implementation. However, to ensure a successful, smooth project, it’s crucial to choose a methodology that fits the needs of your specific business. Selecting the right one starts with examining current business processes, team members, and technology. 

Our Proven Methodology 

Because an ERP project is such a monumental task, JourneyTEAM is committed to helping you create a network that supports your specific business goals and existing processes. We’ve helped thousands of clients with Business Central implementation type, each of which has been successful due to our methodical process: 

  • Project Kickoff: Before we start the implementation of Business Central, we’ll carefully examine your current business processes. With a clear understanding of company flows and technology, we’re able to easily determine whether the solution’s features will support business goals and growth. 
  • Requirements: Once we’ve determined if Business Central is the right fit for your organization, we’ll then create a list of requirements. These requirements are customized to your business goals and existing technology. Next, we’ll create a project timeline centered around these requirements. 
  • Execution: Next, we’ll start moving forward on your project timeline. During the entire execution phase, you’ll have access to JourneyTEAM’s team of experts who provide as much or as little assistance as needed.  
  • Go-Live: Before we push your system live, we’ll conduct a number of thorough user tests on your system to ensure it’s accurate and error-free. Once we’ve eliminated all the bugs, we’ll push your system live. 
  • Project Closure and Finalization: Once you’ve verified that all production is complete, JourneyTEAM will take you through a project retrospective. Here, we’ll create a plan for any future assistance or help you need. 

Deploy Confidently 

ERP deployment is not easy. Implementation will vary between businesses, so it’s crucial to take the time to examine your existing software and processes in order to select a methodology that’s best suited for your company.  

JourneyTEAM’s Business Central Sherpa Program centers around our robust process which is customized to your unique business goals to ensure a successful deployment. Plus, with access to our team of Micorsoft experts and consultants, you’ll have everything you need to upgrade, migrate, or implement with ease. 

If you’re ready to work alongside a Microsoft Gold Partner, contact JourneyTEAM today and get one step closer to having a robust, powerful ERP system as part of your business processes. 


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