Longitude Search for SharePoint

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One of the most powerful capabilities of SharePoint that can improve collaboration and efficiency is its search tool. While it isn’t perfect, many users forget that the system it replaced (folders with no search capability), was essentially useless as a tool for finding data that wasn’t already rigidly organized.

While the 2007 version of SharePoint had its issues when it came to search, the 2010 issue fixed many of them. That said, many businesses are still clamoring for even better search capability. The good news is that such a tool already exists. BA Insight’s Longitude Search streamlines SharePoint’s search feature and fixes many of its bugs.

Here are a few of the benefits that the new search feature adds to the environment:

–        No need for a custom application development, eliminating the concern that compatibility issues could show up down the road, and allowing you to avoid the costs associated with producing an in-house search engine.

–        An instant preview feature. This feature allows you to see what the document looks like without needing to open it and wait for it to load. This saves time and makes the search engine more effective. While SharePoint does in fact have a preview feature of its own, there are some cases in which it fails to display an image of the document. Longitude Search corrects this issue.

–        User behavior metrics are included into the search engine. Longitude keeps track of how users interact with various documents and content. It uses this information to promote and demote documents based on their relevancy to the user. In other words, it makes the search engine more intelligent, allowing it to learn which documents you are most likely looking for.

Have you used Longitude or any other third party search plugins for SharePoint? What was your experience with them?

By Socius, an Ohio SharePoint Partner


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