Managing Online Registrations with SharePoint

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I recently worked with a client who manages community youth and adult programs. My client was not looking forward to the upcoming season of programs and the associated registrations because of their inefficient process for registering participants. For years their registration process had consisted of manually entering each registrant’s information, which was gathered by phone calls and emails, into a spreadsheet. The process was prone to error and inconvenient and time-consuming for both the participants, and my client, and his staff who run the programs.

SharePoint provides a great solution for managing registrations. We implemented a quick and easy Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation site and created specific sites for each program. The program manager is now able to update programs and create registration pages in minutes. Participants are able to go online to see event information and schedules, register for events, and pay for programs. Utilizing the SharePoint workflow engine, automated emails are sent to participants to confirm registration. New registration notices are also sent to the program manager, and the simple dashboard implemented allows the client to see real-time registration data for the various programs.

Using Microsoft SharePoint to manage registrations has made things easier for both the client and the participants of the programs.  SharePoint has allowed my client to save time and improve data integrity, thus providing better service to the community.

JourneyTEAM – Microsoft SharePoint Consultant

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