Medical Center Revolutionizes Healthcare With SharePoint

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The University Medical Center Utrecht is one of the biggest public health institutions in the Netherlands, but up until recently it was struggling with keeping doctors, nurses, and administrators up to date easily and efficiently. In order to address this problem, they worked together with ChipSoft to create a comprehensive solution based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

As patients move from one part of the hospital to another, and from one caregiver to another, it’s easy for medical professionals to be out of the loop, asking patients the same questions over and over again. This happens because some of the information is not easily recorded, or it isn’t available to everybody at the same time. This challenge is common in the healthcare profession.

The SharePoint solution developed for UMCU allows patients to access their medical information anywhere internet access is available, even after leaving the hospital, and makes it simple for hospital employees to pull up the information at a moment’s notice. UMCU has reported that the entire process has been speeded up dramatically.

The new patient electronic record system allows employees to collect and record extensive patient information. It shows which medications have already been administered, which ones still need to be, and what actions have yet to be taken. This makes it simple for doctors to be informed about what is going on and make appropriate decisions. It also serves as a protection for patients.

The data was transferred over to SharePoint in one night, and it was completed successfully with no complications. The staff has also noted their appreciation for how easily SharePoint works together with other Microsoft programs that they use on a daily basis.

Source: Microsoft Case Studies

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