Microsoft SharePoint Edges Out IBM as Horizontal Portal Market Leader

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In Gartner’s recently published Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals, Microsoft SharePoint is shown to be the market leader in both its ability to execute and its completeness of vision. 

The portals up for consideration had to fulfill a number of criteria that essentially centered on their ability to provide a single, personalized point of access to relevant information, processes, and people.  Gartner noted that there are two main shifts in the portal market:

  1. Vendor Consolidation – There are only about a dozen viable portal vendors in the marketplace this year which is down from over 50 just seven years ago.
  2. Expanded Influence – With technology shifts toward Web 2.0 and the cloud, portals are appealing to businesses across the board and are no longer just being pushed by organizations’ IT departments.

Gartner researchers also indicated that “organizations tend to make portal decisions based on a wide range of factors, including functionality, familiarity, price, interoperability, usability, momentum among customers, and the IT ecosystem at large. As portals have evolved, basic portal functions, such as user management, personalization, content management and integration, have been extended and enhanced, and new capabilities, such as social computing, analytics and business process management, have been added to respond to subsequent customer demands.”

In order to be considered as a leading portal vendor, an organization must display a balance of its ability to execute and a completeness of vision.  The ability to execute is marked by a breadth of functionality supporting different portal deployment scenarios, long-term vendor viability, a demonstrated track record of meeting customer needs, and a successfully expanding market presence.  Vendors demonstrating an understanding of their customers’ evolving needs, incorporating new customer demands into their product strategies, and exhibiting technological innovation in their portal products exhibit completeness of vision in this market.

Microsoft SharePoint achieves this balance better than any other vendor in the marketplace and also displays the other criteria for leadership, which includes a full range of capabilities to support a variety of portal deployment scenarios, consistent product delivery in meeting customer needs for a substantial period of time, significant product innovation, and success in selling to new customers across industries.

According to Gartner researchers, “Microsoft is the only large portal vendor with a bona fide multitenant, elastic cloud portal offering, and a compelling path — focusing on office productivity and collaboration — toward using it.”  All of these factors combine to make Microsoft SharePoint the most inquired after portal on the market today with 70% of Gartner portal clients considering it as a potential solution. 

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By Socius, a Microsoft SharePoint Partner in Ohio, Kansas, and California

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