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Microsoft SharePoint Improvements for 2013

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Last month, Microsoft demoed several Office 365 applications for testing. On August 21st, they used these previewsto demonstrate some of the improvements that would be incorporated into the next version of SharePoint. It’s still unclear whether Microsoft’s purchase of Yammer will have any impact. Here are the takeaways from the talk:

Tagging Changes

–        You can tag while posting

–        People, documents, sites, and tags can be “followed” to stay up to date, and a “suggested sites” feature is incorporated

–        Users can get contact info from others, including from Facebook and LinkedIn

“My Site” Changes

“My Site” is now split into three parts:

  1. Newsfeed – This resembles the Facebook stream in many ways, all the way up to photos and a “like” button, but includes email threads.
  2. Sites – This keeps the user up to date on info from sites that are important to them.
  3. SkyDrive Pro – This will replace SharePoint Workspaces and SharePoint Documents. More below.

SkyDrive Pro

This tool provides synchronization, sharing, and storage capabilities. Here are a few of the highlights.

–        Sync cloud apps to the desktop just by clicking on the desktop. Drag files from the desktop to the browser app, and within the app itself.

–        It is compatible with all of the content stored in SharePoint.

–        Users can still access SharePoint Workspace, but Microsoft is wholeheartedly invested in SkyDrive, which was actually built on the same foundation as Workspace.

Team Site

“Team Site” where users collaborate on a shared site, has been upgraded to include a shared OneNote. This allows users to store photos and text in a “scrapbook” of sorts. This version of OneNote is synchronized with all team members. OneNote also has its own Newsfeed, which will be synced with each user’s personal Newsfeed. The intention is to use this as a more streamlined replacement for email.

How do you feel about the upcoming changes? How do you plan to leverage these upgrades?

By OTT Inc, Minnesota Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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