Microsoft SharePoint Leads the Way in Enterprise Collaboration

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Before Microsoft SharePoint, it may have been that many business owners did not even know what enterprise collaboration software was. Now, those same businesses can not live without it. SharePoint is the clear leader in the enterprise collaboration revolution and is driving up the revenue for that industry, according to one study by ABI Research.

By 2016, SharePoint will propel the global market for enterprise collaboration software to nearly $3.5 billion in revenue, the study found. One of the largest driving factors for this explosion of enterprise collaboration is the advent of cloud-based “freemium” services, many of which are offered by small vendors that provide integrated social tools for SharePoint.

In 2010, the enterprise collaboration market revenue increased by 51.7 percent, reaching $898.6 million. Much of that increase occurred as enterprise users saw the need to work more closely with social media, while also keeping a business-oriented focus, something enterprise collaboration solutions are now designed to do.

The other factor driving up revenue is the need to mobilize. Today’s business employees are often on the move and need, perhaps even demand, access to applications that are “always on”. With cloud collaboration tools like SharePoint Online, companies are able to meet those demands without tethering their employees to their desks.

As social media continues to become a mainstay in the modern IT world and enterprise collaboration becomes a necessity, Microsoft SharePoint will already have a significant edge on the competition. Moreover, Microsoft will provide customers with the comprehensive breadth of features and community of third-party vendors that dynamic enterprises will need for years to come.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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