Microsoft SharePoint Named “Best Collaboration Platform” for 2011

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At the beginning of each year, InfoWorld presents the “Technology of the Year” awards to the hardware, software, and development tools that earned the highest marks in reviews and product comparisons by their editors and reviewers.  These awards reflect the changes in technology that have occurred during the past year while highlighting emerging trends.

Based on their research and reviews, the editors of InfoWorld gave the 2011 Technology of the Year Award for Best Collaboration Platform to Microsoft SharePoint.  While SharePoint has always been a versatile platform for intranets, public websites, and group collaboration, the recent release of SharePoint 2010 took this solution to the front of the pack and made it an industry leader. 

InfoWorld had this to say about SharePoint 2010:

“SharePoint 2010 enhances content management (via updated metadata tools), improves workflows, and provides better community interaction (via messaging enhancements that considerably simplify document management and other tasks). It provides the best online HTML editor we’ve seen, eases deployment and management while also increasing administrative control, and gives developers a long list of improvements. Add to this better integration with databases and with Microsoft Office (such as the ability to edit Office documents in the browser), and it’s clear that SharePoint 2010 is setting a new bar for what employees and users — and their IT organizations — will expect from a collaboration platform.”

Learn more about SharePoint 2010’s collaboration tools.

By Socius, a Microsoft SharePoint Partner in Ohio, California, and Kansas City

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