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Microsoft Video of Life in the Future: “Productivity Future Vision”

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In the race to make technology faster and packed with a broader range of features, we often forget that the primary goal, particularly with productivity software, is to make life easier. This was the original purpose of software like Microsoft Office, and Microsoft has produced a video that elegantly illustrates the company’s vision of productivity for the future.

One of the most interesting aspects of this video is that it does not show a single PC or laptop outside of the office. A working mother, Ayla, who travels to another country, uses her handheld mobile device to communicate and a tablet-like device to do her work in her hotel room. She uses augmented reality glasses to translate any signs she reads. Her daughter uses a similar tablet device with a pen to do her homework, while the father interacts with the “smart” wall calendar.

It is only in the traditional office setting that we see a PC with Ayla’s colleagues working with a keyboard and screen. One man joins another man already seated at the workstation and seamlessly swipes the information from his small handheld device onto the large screen with no wires attached and no lag.

Even the Ayla’s identification and hotel information is found on an interactive bellhop assistant card, which a hotel employee uses to be prepared for her arrival. All of the devices include interactive animations, video, and voice, and operate on an interconnected cloud network where data is shared with fluidity and ease.

The technology to make this vision a reality already exists. The next step is implementation, and Microsoft is just the company to translate the vision for the next decade into reality.

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