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More Life for SharePoint!

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We saw a recent press release from Sanofi-Aventis, Duke Clinical Research, and Telerx Marketing stating: SharePoint provides a strong foundation that enables Life Science and Healthcare organizations to configure functionality and add Off the Shelf modules from a network of independent software vendors. This approach enables them to meet the requirements of a wide variety of users across the ecosystem.”

When companies with complex information needs decide to build systems to help manage their information, they like SharePoint because it’s such a powerful foundation. We like to think of SharePoint as a building’s foundation — rock solid concrete on which you can build your heart’s desire. This foundation gives you general knowledge & content management, document sharing, and collaboration. Once you have this, you can get very creative and smart with what you build.

For Life Sciences and Health Care, you can build in functionality such as research and development, quality management, manufacturing and operations, clinical data management, customer service, and of course, contract lifecycle management.

Our client, Nektar Therapeutics, is an excellent example of how to leverage and extend the value of SharePoint. Recently cited in Pharmaceutical Commerce Magazine, they are solving their complicated workflow by adding Matrix-Enterprise onto their SharePoint foundation.

If your heart’s desire includes making the complex simple and automating your workflow by using SharePoint as your foundation, then let us help you with a blueprint that brings clear visibility with a rules-driven compliance solution to manage obligations and mitigate business risk. Go to: to contact us and schedule a product demonstration.

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