If you have ever used an online discussion forum, you probably already have a good understanding of what these communities are going to look like. Essentially, you will be able to use an internal bulletin board system to harness existing … Read More


Everybody knows about Office, but SharePoint is in many ways a more revolutionary product. The less well known offspring of Microsoft was also the fastest to earn over $1 billion in sales. Its success rests on its ability to foster … Read More


When I first saw the news that SharePoint 2013 would not include the Design View, I thought it was a joke.  By removing Design View, it takes away a tool that allows power users to make changes to the system … Read More


What is Microsoft SharePoint and What Does It Do?

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The owner of the world’s most widely used operating system and office software suite has updated its logo for the first time since 1987. The new look is reductionist and modern, abandoning the bold-italic font of the previous logo. It … Read More


I have tested the SharePoint 2013 preview edition’s new Business Intelligence Center. The following are some of my experiences and thoughts while conducting these tests.

At first I created a new SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence site. It`s look and feel … Read More


Last month, Microsoft demoed several Office 365 applications for testing. On August 21st, they used these previewsto demonstrate some of the improvements that would be incorporated into the next version of SharePoint. It’s still unclear whether Microsoft’s … Read More


Previously you could store, share, and sync personal files in Microsoft SkyDrive and do the same with professional files in your “Shared Documents” in SharePoint.  In SharePoint 2013, that capability is coming together in SkyDrive Pro.

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Microsoft recently launched the Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) partner program and announced SBS Group as a member. This program aims to identify and differentiate software solution/offerings that integrate SharePoint to line-of-business (LOB) systems (including Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Read More


A major Australian supermarket chain, Coles, plans to unleash SharePoint on a team of 100,000 starting next year. They plan to do so in order to improve their security as well as make the interface more friendly for their workforce.… Read More