Many potential iPad killers have come and gone, but if any company has the resources and experience to actually surpass Apple in sales, it would be Microsoft. It would not be the first time Microsoft has beat out Apple in … Read More


You’re probably wondering what the title to this post is all about. Let me explain.

SharePoint is a unique product offering from Microsoft in that it can do so many things. Microsoft Exchange handles mail and calendars, Lync does internal … Read More


The single biggest question people have been asking me about SharePoint 2010 is “should I use SharePoint Search or FAST Search?”.  Many people wondered why they should have to pay more for top-quality search tools.

Well, all of the … Read More


The creator and CEO of Soulsailor Consulting, Ant Clay, is a SharePoint consultant who is known to use the Socratic method on his clients, asking them “why” until they eventually give in and admit they don’t know. CMS Wire recently … Read More


Nowadays it’s rare to come across a school that doesn’t have at least one class with a virtual learning environment (VLE). VLEs allow schools to share assignments, class schedules, reading materials, and even offer quizzes and tests via the internet … Read More


If you have ever used an online discussion forum, you probably already have a good understanding of what these communities are going to look like. Essentially, you will be able to use an internal bulletin board system to harness existing … Read More


Everybody knows about Office, but SharePoint is in many ways a more revolutionary product. The less well known offspring of Microsoft was also the fastest to earn over $1 billion in sales. Its success rests on its ability to foster … Read More


When I first saw the news that SharePoint 2013 would not include the Design View, I thought it was a joke.  By removing Design View, it takes away a tool that allows power users to make changes to the system … Read More


What is Microsoft SharePoint and What Does It Do?

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The owner of the world’s most widely used operating system and office software suite has updated its logo for the first time since 1987. The new look is reductionist and modern, abandoning the bold-italic font of the previous logo. It … Read More