Microsoft SharePoint is all about enabling people to connect with other people and information to facilitate collaboration. It doesn’t just empower people to work together, it sets a strong example of how to collaborate itself.

One of the greatest ways … Read More


You might have heard about Microsoft Silverlight as a competitor to Adobe Flash Player. Outside of Netflix and development on Xbox Live, you probably have not thought much about it, if at all. Nevertheless, An Information Week article helps us Read More


Before Microsoft SharePoint, it may have been that many business owners did not even know what enterprise collaboration software was. Now, those same businesses can not live without it. SharePoint is the clear leader in the enterprise collaboration revolution Read More


This is a blog post that I looked forward to writing; this post deals with a problem that has plagued SharePoint Workflows when limited to using SharePoint Designer, and a solution is here now in SharePoint 2010 using Sandboxed Solutions. … Read More


Recently, Senior Director of SharePoint Product Management, Jared Spataro, hosted a live chat on Facebook to share the vision of a social enterprise that SharePoint is designed to facilitate.  Many of the questions posed to him centered on … Read More


In his article for Forbes, Mark Fidelman reveals the reason for Microsoft’s delay in jumping into the social arena with both feet.  A Harris study revealed that 75% of organizations surveyed plan to implement a social solution this year … Read More



The SharePoint Web application has a number of settings that you can customize. These settings fall within a number of different group: General, Resource Throttling, Workflow, Email. While it is easy to configure each of these through the UI, … Read More


SharePoint’s explosive growth is testament to the measurable benefits brought to organizations where it is deployed. For smaller organizations with limited IT capability, taking advantage of SharePoint is problematic. Deploying SharePoint is necessarily complicated since dedicated server(s) and infrastructure are … Read More


Yes!  Now, more than ever, SharePoint Online can scale to fit the needs of just about any organization, large or small.

When SharePoint Online (SPO) was initially released, it would only support up to 20,000 Active Directory entries (more specifically, … Read More


I’ve noticed a trend when talking to individuals from small to mid-sized businesses: when I mention the word “SharePoint”, I see a glint of fear in their eyes.  It would seem that somewhere along the line, SharePoint got the reputation … Read More