When companies create solutions that solve real problems, life is really good. Sometimes they get lucky and solve problems we didn’t even know we had — like PostIt® notes. And sometimes they are intuitive and smart and can see trends … Read More


As you have probably heard, Microsoft is updating the BPOS platform (Business Productivity Online Suite) to Office 365. Office 365 will be tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and will use the 2010 series of server products, including Exchange 2010 and … Read More


I read today that BtoB magazine gave a Social Media Marketing Award to Microsoft for use of YouTube videos.  The BtoB award description says, “Edgy and sometimes outrageous collection of short videos that collectively promote Microsoft Office and SharePoint. The … Read More


If you pair a proven document management solution with a powerful customer relationship management solution, what do you get? I say you get pure bliss!

Imagine opening up a client’s account in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and not only being able … Read More


Midsized business (businesses in the midmarket range) need enterprise-level functionality at reasonably affordable prices. Microsoft Office 365 addresses midmarket needs and offers medium-sized businesses cloud-based web applications with the familiar Microsoft brand and interface, accessible from anywhere your work takes … Read More


The bigger question is not whether SharePoint will support the iPad, but will the iPad support SharePoint?

Since the iPad uses Safari for its native browser, let’s start there. Officially Safari 4.04 is supported on non-Windows operating systems. (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc263526.aspxRead More


Office 365 is a cloud based offering that includes Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Sharepoint Online and Microsoft Lync Online. But it is not just for business – it is for education, K-12 and universities.

Office 365 … Read More


There are many solutions available for accommodating employee expense management and reimbursement for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The various products differ in the specific features they offer, the sophistication of the business process they accommodate, and the complexity of the … Read More


I recently worked with a client who manages community youth and adult programs. My client was not looking forward to the upcoming season of programs and the associated registrations because of their inefficient process for registering participants. For years their … Read More