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Put SharePoint Social features to work in your business today

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Social media has permeated every aspect of our lives and every facet of the Internet. In some ways, it has become synonymous with the web. While some websites are completely dedicated to social media, nearly all sites have some social media content. Businesses and other organizations are not immune to this. Actually, many businesses have increased their success by wholeheartedly adopting social media and using it to connect with their customers. Microsoft SharePoint can help you use social media to make your organization better both internally and externally.


Internal communication and collaboration has never been easier now that SharePoint includes Newsfeed. It operates in a very similar manner to Facebook and Twitter. Team members can “follow” each other and view one another’s documents, sites, tags, etc. They can “mention” each other, view current “activities”, and also “like” each other’s content.

Like Twitter, SharePoint includes a microblogging feature. You can post updates about your work, post on a team site, refer other people to posts using an @mention, reference relevant tags within your post, share conversations through links, “like” any post, and add pictures, videos, links, and external URLs right into your posts.

Newsfeed App

If you need to stay connected on the move, the Newsfeed App allows you to access and interact with your newsfeed on your Windows Phone, iPad, or iPhone.

Sharing Documents and Sites

Part of the new Office 365 is SkyDrive Pro, an enterprise-grade version of SkyDrive that you can use to store your documents privately or share them with your colleagues. You can also share sites, send guest links to people outside of your organization, and receive newsfeed updates whenever collaborative documents are updated.

User Profiles

Like earlier releases of SharePoint Online, this new version includes user profiles. Some of the notable changes include: a streamlined navigation system allowing you to switch sections more easily, privacy/sharing options for all fields, and newsfeed sharing and following settings set to “off” by default to increase privacy, requiring you to opt in to those features if you want to use them.

Staying in Touch

As the workforce continues to become more mobile, staying in touch is critical, and the days of forwarding around emails all day are over. To keep up with the face-paced world, you need instant content sharing and collaboration. SharePoint’s new social features answer that need and many others.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Partner Network member in the Twin Cities area, Minnesota.

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