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Recession Over? Growing Trend Toward Collaboration Using Microsoft Sharepoint

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Could it be that the long winter of financial doldrums is now behind us and we’re moving into spring?

Well, that’s hard to say. If you Bing “evidence the recession is over,” you’ll see several interesting things. Turns out there’s an entire committee of economists who determine when U.S. recessions officially begin and end. Of course, when this group met in April, they didn’t seem to have a definitive answer for us.

But, onward for the rest of us!

Recession or no recession, one thing we’ve seen a lot of in the last several years is a strong trend toward collaboration. From the seemingly endless mass of humanity clamoring around social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to powerful business applications like Microsoft’s SharePoint. This trend’s here to stay.

In fact, the need and desire for collaboration is so great, SharePoint has become Microsoft’s fastest growing product.

How big is it? Recent research indicates they expect the installed base of Windows SharePoint Services to grow at an average annual rate of 11% over the next four years. The research goes on to say, “In 2010, 28% of organizations deploying Windows SharePoint Services have also deployed Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. By 2014, we expect that 54% of organizations using Windows SharePoint Services will also deploy Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.”

Those are some mighty big numbers!

This month Microsoft will launch their 2010 upgrade for SharePoint, Office and Exchange Server. From all indications, this is a powerful upgrade and one you should be very excited about if your business requires people communicating with one another to get things accomplished.

Microsoft’s (and Bill Gates’) accomplishments to the U.S. economy should not and have not gone unnoticed. President Obama acknowledged their contributions in a recent speech to Notre Dame graduates:

You are graduating today in part because those who came before you had the courage to look past their differences, face down their common difficulties, and perfect their union. It was young soldiers who pushed forward at Lexington and at Gettysburg, at Normandy and at Kandahar. It was graduates like you who looked across a continent and built the railroads, highways, schools, and universities that have fueled the most prosperous economy in the world. It was a 33-year-old Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence; a 33-year-old Elizabeth Cady Stanton who organized the Seneca Falls Convention, the first national women’s rights convention; a 26-year-old Martin Luther King Jr. who began his journey to the mountaintop; and a 20-year-old Bill Gates who started one of the most transformative companies on Earth.

All of these Americans faced long odds. All of them faced doubt. Many grew up in times of discord and difficulty. Yet they knew that while America’s destiny is never certain, our ability to shape it always is. Ours is a history of renewal and reinvention, where each generation finds a way to adapt, thrive, and push the nation forward with energy, ingenuity, and optimism.

So congratulations Mr. Gates and Microsoft for all you do for this country and economy. We’re proud to be your partner.

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