Revlon Saves Millions with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics

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“Millions of dollars in savings” is a phrase just about all CIOs would love to say to their colleagues. Revlon’s CIO, David Giambruno recently had that opportunity when the global cosmetics maker migrated its business operations to Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft SharePoint. Read: How Fast Can Revlon Install Microsoft Dynamics AX


Revlon, which had no fewer than 21 enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems running around the world, is now operating on a single global ERP system, unifying all of its operations. The company operates on an internal cloud, giving all employees access from any location and any device.


SharePoint has empowered Revlon with a unified reporting system that its global staff can use to publish on any device at any time, highlighting imperative performance indicators. According to Giambruno, this enables all of Revlon’s business teams to operate on the same page with the information they need to communicate and collaborate.


“I think we’ve made roughly a half a billion dollar change in the profitability to our shareholders over the last three years. You are seeing the effect of collaboration capability. It’s the system coming online and helping,” said Giambruno.


Revlon is just one of many in a list of successful manufacturers and retailers that Microsoft’s business applications have helped revolutionize from the manufacturing facility to the point of sale and every step in between. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Business Intelligence, Revlon has saved millions of dollars while also simplifying its business operations.


Revlon is a shining example of Microsoft’s vision of giving retailers a complete business solution that includes point-of-sale multichannel management, store operations, e-commerce, merchandising, financials, supply chain, and pretty much anything else they might need. With large volumes of information flowing in from multiple locations and sources, Microsoft’s ERP and collaboration systems have given Revlon the ideal mechanism to translate that raw data into useful knowledge that it can use to empower its business teams.

Source: Microsoft Dynamics Saving Revlon Millions

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