SharePoint and SQL Reporting Services – Together They’re Better

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Many organizations today face the issue of real time data needs. Those needs may be in very different segments of your organization or in different departments. What organizations want and need is “now data” in addition to data from yesterday and last week.

So how do organizations deal with getting the right data to the right people at the right time? Using SharePoint with integrated Reporting Services solves this issue. Combining the two solutions allows organizations to give access to Line of Business (LOB) application data through reporting. You can easily combine multiple sources of data into one report. Say your sales manager needs to see how the company’s sales opportunities compare to actual invoice data in your accounting system. By joining these two LOB applications into one report, you now have an easy way of comparing the two sides of the business.

Another important feature that can be used is Report Subscriptions. We help many customers set up and utilize this often overlooked feature. Subscriptions allow users to automate report delivery of the specific report in a selected format and delivery schedule. This is helpful when you are on the go and need a report while you are offline. The report can be delivered to you through email in many formats including Word, Excel and PDF.

Combining SharePoint and Reporting Services also has an additional benefit of surfacing reports as dashboard objects. By combining the report with the Reporting Services webpart inside of SharePoint, they are able to create robust dashboard experiences for different departments or segments of the business. The user logged into SharePoint can also be passed to the report to provide an employee-specific dashboard experience.

Download the SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services Datasheet

Download the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Brochure

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