SharePoint Answers the Question: What To Do With All These Invoices?

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No company is immune to getting vendor invoices, processing them, remitting the invoice amount, and then searching for them later when a dispute or problem arises. How to manage this process from getting the paper invoice in the mail to digitally searching for it can involve a lot of time and resources. However, the solution may be already within your reach by leveraging the SharePoint platform already in your environment.

One of the foundations of SharePoint is its rich document library capabilities with version control, metadata storage, security and workflows. Using document libraries to retain invoice information seems like a natural fit with the right document capture partner at your side. Knowledge Lake, a software development company with tight integration to SharePoint, has made the process of scanning and retaining documents in SharePoint seamless. Once you have your document library set up with the correct metadata fields, Knowledge Lake will use your existing scanner, or network location, to acquire those images. Once you have acquired the image, the next step is capturing the necessary metadata for the document to assist with searching and retrieval later. The most efficient way to capture this metadata is by using a barcode or OCR technology to automatically read and populate metadata fields in the document library. Knowledge Lake supports both of these methods in addition to capturing metadata manually, all through an easy to use interface where the user can view the document and capture metadata right on the same screen. Unlike SharePoint where you need to edit the document properties to provide this information, which typically requires 2 browser windows open, you can view and add the metadata information in the same view.

Once you have the metadata captured for each document, Knowledge Lake will automatically save the batch of documents to the document library and create the metadata. After the document has been created in SharePoint, it’s just like any other document where you can start workflows or apply security according to your company policies. Knowledge Lake even has a robust search engine that will allow you to do field level searches for a specific document library. That’s something SharePoint can’t do even with the latest search technology.

Acquiring documents with Knowledge Lake can open up a whole new set of doors to assist you with leveraging your SharePoint investment and streamlining business processes.

Steve Pucelik, RSM – Microsoft SharePoint Professionals for Minnesota, Iowa, New Jersey, and New York

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