SharePoint Brings Business Intelligence to Business Leaders

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If you are using SharePoint for your intranet or employee portal, you know how valuable it is for sharing documents and data. But did you know that it can also share and display data in meaningful ways to individuals across your organization?

Specifically, it can display real-time reports and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboards leveraging data within other systems, like your ERP or CRM solutions, for business leaders. This eliminates the need for your business leaders to have ERP or CRM user licenses just to view reports, which saves you money. It also eliminates the need for leaders to request reports from ERP or CRM software users whenever they need to analyze the data, which saves your people time and frustration.

LPK, a Cincinnati, Ohio based design and branding company, is leveraging SharePoint to do just that by integrating it with their business intelligence tools and Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP solution.

Watch as Manager, Michelle Wagner, explains how SharePoint is a pivotal part of their Business Intelligence strategy that is changing the way they do business:

To learn more about how to leverage SharePoint in your Business Intelligence solution, contact Socius today.

By Socius, a SharePoint Partner in Ohio

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  1. SharePoint has many different features that companies aren’t utilizing. Internal departments tend to use the main features but aren’t getting all that they can from the platform. SharePoint training is a good idea so that users know everything that is available to them.


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