There is More to SharePoint Than Document Management – Three Ways Your Organization Can Benefit From the Solution

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There are quite a few people that I talk to that think SharePoint is only for document management;  that is only a part of it.

Yes, as a document management tool, it can:

  • Migrate, organize and collaborate on documents throughout the organization
  • Automate the process of scanning documents, capturing index information and storing this information within SharePoint for enterprise searching and retrieval
  • Leverage version control, security, and approval processes to meet your organizations requirements

However, that is one part of the solution where many companies are experiencing the benefits.  Here are three others:

1.  Workflow analysis

  • Analyze current business processes and recommend ways to automate tasks
  • Standardize data capture to provide  enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Eliminate paper or “e-mail” workflows to provide a consistent method of processing information

2.  SharePoint Platform development

  • Expose line of business database information to provide a consistent user interface for users in SharePoint
  • Utilize the SharePoint platform extensibility to create customized applications based on your organizational needs

3.  External communication (aka Extranet)

  • Securely communicate with people outside your network walls
  • Collaborate on documents and information with vendors or suppliers
  • Administer information from one central location without the need to copy or re-create it on an external web site
  • Configure SharePoint to be your external facing web site

RSM can help your organization quickly plan for and implement Microsoft SharePoint technologies.  We can help your organization to start taking control of your content and information with easy to use tools and a configurable environment.

By:  Steve Pucelik, RSM – Microsoft SharePoint Professionals for Minnesota, Iowa, New Jersey, and New York

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