SharePoint for Office 365 vs. BPOS

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As you have probably heard, Microsoft is updating the BPOS platform (Business Productivity Online Suite) to Office 365. Office 365 will be tightly integrated with Microsoft Office and will use the 2010 series of server products, including Exchange 2010 and SharePoint 2010. This will provide a strong avenue of improvement for SharePoint users currently on BPOS.

The biggest SharePoint-related improvement for companies migrating from BPOS to Office 365 will be in the upgrade from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. This will bring rich new functionality to Office 365 users’ fingertips, including an improved user interface, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), list validations, Performance Point Services, and multi-browser support.

Aside from the improvements brought by moving to SharePoint 2010, Office 365 will also bring a change in licensing options that could be beneficial for small companies, as well as individuals, who have been unable to find a suitable licensing option under BPOS . Office 365 will even make it feasible for single users to deploy their own SharePoint 2010 environment.

One of the biggest limitations of BPOS was the inability to deploy custom code into SharePoint. In Office 365, custom code can be deployed using the SharePoint Sandbox. This new model will allow for things such as custom web parts and deployable site templates, although it will still be limited compared to a traditional on-premise SharePoint deployment. Some Office 365 limitations include security, email support, and the ability to call external web services or run PowerShell scripts.

Overall, Office 365 brings great improvements over BPOS, and will make a cloud-based deployment for SharePoint beneficial to a greater number of companies. However, it is important to keep in mind that Office 365 still has its limitations when compared to an on-premise deployment. To determine the SharePoint deployment method that best suits your organization, I recommend a thorough business analysis with an experienced Microsoft SharePoint Partner.

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