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SharePoint Governance: A Guide to SharePoint 2010

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SharePoint 2010 marks a significant milestone in the history of SharePoint products. As an upgraded version of the SharePoint line it offers new functionalities that will help in making your governance plan more efficient. You might want to take a look at some new features that SharePoint 2010 has to offer even if you already possess a well thought of governance plan for your Microsoft ® Office SharePoint ® Server 2007 solution.

A governance plan for SharePoint 2010 becomes even more significant since an enhancement of availability of social computing features offered with this version means an increase in a governable content. In addition to this the introduction of new abilities to manage metadata at an enterprise level means that you will be expected to deploy a new organizational role that has the capability to handle metadata features throughout your organization. It is better to adapt your plan to incorporate the features that SharePoint 2010 offers even if you have, and are used to, a well defined and documented governance plan for your SharePoint Server 2007 environment.

An effective Governance Plan provides the means and the efficacy to construct a suitable framework which incorporates your overall measurement plans as well as your design standards and information architecture. Its original purpose is to sum up the documents responsible for giving detailed descriptions of these activities without having to replace them. This way you can avoid having to deal with an unnecessarily bulky and unmanageable business plan.

While calling SharePoint 2010 a bonafide and fully fledged web content management system is a stretch, as most CMS users are aware, a number of improvements have been made in dealing with such a system. It comes with native Web CMS functionality. As far as internal collaboration websites go you will be required to use this functionality no matter how you choose to use SharePoint. On a larger scale your priorities could also include running your entire intranet or running your public facing website(s) on SharePoint. You might want to make a thorough analysis before making any such decisions. Other products that better serve your interests might also exist in the market.

The new SharePoint server is more socially oriented than those that came before it. Not only does SharePoint 2010 depend on the solution architect’s structured design but also relies on the overall contributions made by the user community. The ability to “tag”, create, or rank content gives users the chance to improve their organization’s ability to deliver while sharing their knowledge as well as their best practices.

Sony Corporation’s Electronics division made a bold move towards SharePoint 2010 in order to improve the level of sharing that deals with document and social networking. Before making their move Sony looked at pure-play social networking companies involved with SharePoint like SocialText and NewsGator. They decided that SharePoint 2010 was the way to go since they felt that it offered social tools which were broad enough that it would have made the use of other technologies seem redundant.

by RJB, SharePoint Specialists, Pennsylvania SharePoint Partner

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One question

  1. Steve says:

    Governance becomes all the more important with SharePoint 2010 and its rich functionality set:

    1. “Social data” in the form of tags, bookmarks, ratings etc. that raise the level of user participation.
    2. Increased emphasis on social computing leading to more types of content to govern.
    3. New records management features such as “in place” records that call for the creation and enforcement of records management plans.
    4. Capabilities to share metadata across multiple sites and even server farms needing added planning and control.


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