SharePoint + Line-of-Business Applications = Business Transformation

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About a year and a half ago, Microsoft introduced the concept of Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) which involves the integration of SharePoint with Line-of-Business (LOB) applications to connect people throughout an organization to the data.  BCSP solutions extend and automate critical business processes across organizational boundaries by exposing LOB data in SharePoint and enabling this data to be used across the organization by all relevant stakeholders, as appropriate to their roles and permissions.

Pique Solutions conducted an in-depth study of organizations using BCSP to determine the ROI of these connected solutions.  Instead, they discovered that businesses that use SharePoint in conjunction with LOB applications realized benefits well beyond a simple return-on-investment, they experienced “transformational” savings as high as 80-90%.

How does it happen that the savings is this high?  Well, it starts with the rapid ROI – BCSP leads to faster deployment, far less custom coding, and simplified ongoing administration and governance than other methods of using IT to accomplish the same data sharing and visibility.  So that low investment combined with high returns including productivity and efficiency, more effective cross-team collaboration, improved business processes, and more leads to a very rapid ROI.

Pique Solutions also discovered that companies that worked with a BCSP partner, one with expertise in both SharePoint and the LOB applications that are being integrated, experienced an even faster ROI and were even planning to extend their BCSP solution to incorporate additional processes or data.  Socius is a BCSP partner that offers integration between SharePoint and the LOB solutions that we offer including Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software.

Sarnova is a great example of an organization that realized a rapid return on their investment of exposing Microsoft Dynamics ERP data in SharePoint.  Read their case study here.

Learn more about the transformational benefits of BCSP by viewing the results of Pique Solutions’ study.

By Socius, a a SharePoint Partner in Ohio, Kansas, and South Carolina

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