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SharePoint Online: the Affordable, Maintenance-free Alternative

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Many small and medium organizations may be in desperate need of collaboration tools that allow them to integrate their current software and keep employees in constant contact with one another.  Social media is the primary mode of collaboration for many people outside of business, education, and non-profit, but this type of high-level technology-based interaction has been lacking internally in many organizations.

SharePoint provides a platform that allows for the type of new media collaboration that businesses need, but some may not have the resources or desire to purchase the big iron necessary to run a SharePoint server.  With minimum system requirements of a 64-bit, quad-core processor and 8 GB of RAM, it may be beyond the scope of small businesses.  Furthermore, even medium organization may not want to hire the tech staff required to maintain on-premise hardware.

SharePoint Online provides a cloud-based alternative that offers all of the features of an on-premise deployment without the hardware maintenance, security management, or cost.  It still offers connections to Microsoft Office, and users can work offline and use Microsoft SharePoint Workspace to access their SharePoint Online document repositories.

Even for companies with aging or inferior collaboration platforms, SharePoint Online offers migration services so you do not lose critical data or resources.  Furthermore, even those organizations that have on-premises installs can also use SharePoint Online in a hybrid environment to give their people a wider range of connectivity, allowing them to get work done wherever they happen to be.  Customers interested in trying SharePoint Online can try the demo available on the Microsoft SharePoint website.

Companies like Junk A Car out of Brooklyn, New York use SharePoint to run their business.

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