Using SharePoint to Streamline HR Forms and Processes

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One of the great things about Microsoft SharePoint is the flexibility and customizability of the platform. As a SharePoint consulting partner, we get to see many of the different and fun ways people are using SharePoint to streamline business processes and increase productivity. Today I want to share one example of a project we recently finished that effectively uses InfoPath forms and the workflow functionality of SharePoint.

The client was looking for a better way to manage the HR forms required when a new employee is hired or an employee is given a raise or promotion. Previously, this process had been handled with a paper based manual system.  Over the course of the approval process, forms would get lost, or stack up on someone’s desk while they were out of town, slowing the entire process with no easy way to find the bottleneck and complete the process efficiently.

With Microsoft SharePoint, the client is now able to use InfoPath forms to collect the necessary data, followed by a SharePoint workflow process that manages each step of the approval process. SharePoint allows management better visibility into the process, saves time in processing forms and approvals, and provides for easier document management and history.

This is a simple example of one of the ways SharePoint can be used to automate business processes. What have you done or what do you want to do with SharePoint?

By JourneyTEAM – A Utah Microsoft SharePoint Partner

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