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SharePoint Success(???)

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You’re probably wondering what the title to this post is all about. Let me explain.

SharePoint is a unique product offering from Microsoft in that it can do so many things. Microsoft Exchange handles mail and calendars, Lync does internal IM and SharePoint? Well, the list includes content management, collaboration, social computing, business process management/automation, business intelligence, websites, records management…the list goes on and on. And sure enough, SharePoint can fill all of those needs extremely well. But here is the catch – it won’t do any of them well on its own without planning, design, and direction.

Take document management and collaboration for example. There are companies out there that did nothing else but install SharePoint and turn it loose on the users. They thought that the technology (in this instance, SharePoint) would solve all of the problems they had with their file shares. There was no planning, governance, or information architecture, they just let the users figure it out and tried to harness the collective knowledge of the organization to achieve the greater good. (Marx would have been proud.)

How did that work for them? Well, it’s a nightmare. In fact, the problems that they had with file shares were arguably worse with SharePoint. I could run through similar stories with the other SharePoint functionalities I mentioned above.

What are the takeaways?

  1. SharePoint is a platform that can meet a wide array of business needs.
  2. SharePoint does not meet these needs in a vacuum, rather…
  3. Firms must do work ahead of time to properly plan, scope, design and implement a solution that serves the company well.

By Avastone Technologies – An experienced SharePoint and ECM Partner in Wisconsin and Illinois.

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