SharePoint Training Isn’t Necessarily About SharePoint

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While an understanding of how the SharePoint interface works is crucial in order to make the most of it, the reality is that too many training programs place too much emphases on it. A recent article on Gartner points out that focusing too much on SharePoint itself is a failed strategy. Here are a few pointers when it comes to end user training and SharePoint.

When Focusing on SharePoint Itself is Okay:

–        SharePoint is being installed for the first time

–        A new version of SharePoint is being rolled out

–        During upgrades

–        When a new employee is hired

Unfortunately, the focus often isn’t shifted away from the interface itself when employees are being trained for other purposes. This is a problem, because SharePoint’s power only comes into play in the context of how communication and collaboration work within the company.

SharePoint Must Work in Tandem With:

–        Email

–        Instant messaging

–        Social networks

–        Phone calls

–        Face to face meetings

–        Document sharing and management

It’s easier for a user to learn how to create a SharePoint document library than to learn whether or not they should. In fact, much of the modern workforce can figure out the former on their own. It is the latter that plays a more important factor in how efficient and effective your business is.

What Training Should Cover

–        How to use the interface

–        Knowing how to approach problems

–        Knowing which tool to use at what time

–        Understanding how the information is being used by others

–        Understanding how and when to use the information of others

–        Knowing when to act alone and when to seek guidance

In other words, “SharePoint” training should be about learning how to make the most of a company’s intranet, rather than how the interface works.

How can businesses improve their training programs to make the most of SharePoint and related technologies?

by JourneyTeam, Utah based Microsoft SharePoint Experts

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