SkyDrive and SharePoint Come Together in 2013

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Previously you could store, share, and sync personal files in Microsoft SkyDrive and do the same with professional files in your “Shared Documents” in SharePoint.  In SharePoint 2013, that capability is coming together in SkyDrive Pro.

In the forthcoming version, SkyDrive hub will be your single location for storing, sharing ,and collecting all of the files pertinent to you.  You’ll have a “My Documents” folder in which any files that you create or upload are private by default; it is easier than ever to share them with individuals or groups in your organization, or anyone on the internet if need-be.  There is also a “Shared with Everyone” folder which automatically makes the documents saved in it available to anyone with site access.

SkyDrive Pro doesn’t just simplify sharing, it simplifies viewing documents or files that have been shared with you.  With a single click, you can see a complete listing of the documents you have followed, those that you have accessed recently (on any device via Office365), and those that are recommended for you to view.

You can try SkyDrive Pro in SharePoint 2013 today here!

By Socius, an Ohio SharePoint Partner

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